Tear Down / Start New

Recently Whitman Homes signed another contract for a “tear down / start new” project in Hingham, MA. Our homeowners were in the dilemma of having a beautifully treed 2 acre lot, which had a 50 year old outdated home on it. With a new design and the Whitman Homes team, we have removed the old house and are building a new 4,000 square foot colonial style home with the latest custom home features and benefits. The homeowner’s get to stay in a neighborhood they love and in a great town like Hingham continuing to afford them great schools and a fabulous location!

Take a look around the towns in your area and we are sure you have seen it. A homeowner tears down an older property only to replace it with a whole new design. Whitman Homes has completed tear down / start new properties for homeowners in Cohasset, Sharon, Needham, Easton, Weston, Duxbury, Falmouth and of course Hingham. If you know someone who really wants to stay in their neighborhood or has found an old home that needs to go, but would like to rebuild with a new Whitman Homes design, kindly call Tim at 1-800-880-3620 for more information.